Mechanical Ventilation and Exhaust Systems

Mechanical Ventilation

Many workplaces are air conditioned but don’t consider the requirements laid out by the Queensland Building Authority that require workplaces to be properly ventilated. Airspect specialises in supplying the commercial and industrial sectors with advanced mechanical ventilation and filtration services. Control air quality with one of our powerful systems designed to remove excess moisture, fumes, odours, dust and any other pollutants while evenly distributing air. Control the amount of dangerous CO build up in the air with proper induction to ensure the air in your workplace is not only cool but fresh as well.


Car Park Exhaust Systems

Vehicle exhaust is extremely dangerous and can lead to several adverse health problems. Covered car parks need to be properly ventilated and car park exhaust fans require servicing every 6 months to reduce the levels of dangerous carbon emissions in the air and ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers. Vehicle emissions can also smell very poorly and can leave customers with a negative first impression the moment they enter your car park. Airspect have extensive experience with car park ventilation design and installation. Ensuring air quality is vital and we comply with industry standards to ensure the correct dispersal of dangerous emissions. Exhaust fumes build up quickly and correct ventilation is critical to ensure safety.


Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Airspect offers a large selection of extraction canopies with dedicated air change rates and differing velocity requirements. Indoor air quality is vital to the health and safety standards of your kitchen as excess moisture can result in mould and other health hazards which can be detrimental to your business. Reduce humidity and vapor build up to ensure the air in your kitchen is safe to breath in the extremely physically demanding world of hospitality. To ensure the safety of your kitchen we design custom exhaust systems that meet industry standards to provide your kitchen with high quality air ventilation.